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The taxing authority will accept an offer in compromise when it is unlikely that the tax liability can be collected in full and the amount offered reasonably reflects collection potential. All required tax filings must be made even though the tax is not paid before an offer will be considered. An OIC is a legitimate alternative to declaring a case currently not collectible or to a protracted installment agreement. The goal is to achieve collection of what is potentially collectible at the earliest possible time and at the least cost to the Government.

In cases where an OIC appears to be a viable solution to a tax delinquency, the IRS employee assigned the case will discuss the compromise alternative with you and, when necessary, assist in preparing the required forms. You will be responsible for initiating the first specific proposal for compromise.

The success of the OIC program will be assured only if you make adequate compromise proposals consistent with their ability to pay and the IRS makes prompt and reasonable decisions. Taxpayers are expected to provide reasonable documentation to verify their ability to pay. The ultimate goal is a compromise that is in the best interest of both you and the government. Acceptance of an adequate offer will also result in creating for you an expectation of a fresh start toward compliance with all future filing and payment requirements.

Offers will not be accepted if it is believed that the liability can be paid in full as a lump sum, installment payments extending through the remaining statutory period for collection (CSED), or other means of collection, unless special circumstances exist.

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