Michael Ablan helped my wife and I with legal representation when we were faced with an unsuccessful IRS tax audit on two separate occasions. In both cases, Mr. Ablan took over the necessary work to represent us in an appeal of those IRS audits. He was professional, knowledgeable, and timely in his interaction with the IRS Appeals Officer. He thoroughly questioned us to make sure we had a case, and then assertively researched the facts behind our particular situation, which involved claiming tax deductions for an artist operating as a business. All through the process, Mr. Ablan, knowing that this was very stressful for us, was calming and reassuring, yet honest, with us. At the same time, he was respectful to the IRS Appeals Officer and the IRS generally. In the end, Mr. Ablan knew how to win these cases and he did. The process, although difficult to endure, was made easier by Mr. Ablan’s expertise and professionalism. His representation of our case saved us thousands.