Attny Michael Ablan has helped our family and our company with estate and tax planning. He easily handled our complicated situation!


When I needed to seek legal services I had called attorney Ablan to help me with my case. Mike made the process less stressful and made the transition go smooth so it was not overwhelming. I had not needed any legal services in the past so I was appreciative of the diligent work Mike had put into my case. Attorney Ablan comes highly recommended!


Michael Ablan helped my wife and I with legal representation when we were faced with an unsuccessful IRS tax audit on two separate occasions. In both cases, Mr. Ablan took over the necessary work to represent us in an appeal of those IRS audits. He was professional, knowledgeable, and timely in his interaction with the IRS Appeals Officer. He thoroughly questioned us to make sure we had a case, and then assertively researched the facts behind our particular situation, which involved claiming tax deductions for an artist operating as a business. All through the process, Mr. Ablan, knowing that this was very stressful for us, was calming and reassuring, yet honest, with us. At the same time, he was respectful to the IRS Appeals Officer and the IRS generally. In the end, Mr. Ablan knew how to win these cases and he did. The process, although difficult to endure, was made easier by Mr. Ablan’s expertise and professionalism. His representation of our case saved us thousands.


I have sought Michael’s advice and guidance on numerous occasions. His overall legal knowledge is impressive and he is one of the most trusted persons I have in my contacts list. Michael will always be my first call for business, estate planning, employment, civil, or criminal law (I hope never criminal). He is a straight forward attorney who will tell you exactly what is going on and exactly what will happen given the choices you have.

Dale Walter

I have worked with Michael Ablan on joint projects for clients over a number of years. In addition, he assisted me personally on a project involving a real estate transfer. He is attentive in listening to his client’s needs and resourceful in developing strategies to address those needs. I especially appreciate his responsiveness and keeping me abreast of the progress he is making on particular actions. If you are looking for a hands-on attorney with decades of experience across a variety of legal subjects, Mike would be a good choice.

Josh Mathison

Working with Michael has been an experience of learning about integrity and moral character. Michael cares about his family, friends and clients and treats them with respect. His expertise in diligent fact finding and research is second to none and I have heard that from other attorneys in the area.

Al Louis

Michael is a strong community leader as well as a great lawyer, he provides great personal service and gets the job done. I have known mike for almost 30 years and would highly recommend him if you are in need of his services.Thank you for being a great business asset to this community as well as all the organizations that you have given your time to.

Kathy Fredericks

Thank you for your very important work, your good work, and for going the extra mile! Enjoy the enclosed sketch that I made for you, it makes a good index card. I hope it brings a smile to your face.

Cynthia S. Bune RN, CLNC

Attorney Michael Ablan values comprehensive review of his clients’ medical cases. He advocates for his clients by ensuring all the facts of their case are exposed. A true gentleman in his art of practicing law, I am fortunate to have had the privilege of working with him for the past 2 years.